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San Francisco 49ers Attempt New Game Plan


New San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has begun working with the coaching staff to develop a plan for the forthcoming season. Shanahan you may recall was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons last year helping lead them to a record setting season only to utterly fail in one of the most dismal quarters of football in NFL history. I mean to have a 28 - 9 lead with just 15 minutes left in the game makes victory seem almost certain. How much does a team have to choke on both offense and defense to let such a lead fall by the wayside?  

Kyle has put all that past him and is ready to focus on his new team and a new year. When asked about a strategy Kyle had this to say "Back in the late 80's and 90's San Francisco was the team to beat. We have been watching thousands of hours of film analyzing what set them apart from the other teams, what made them winners. What we discovered was amazing, I truly believe this is going to change the way football is played. When we watched the games we found that one hundred percent of the time that the Niners' won they outscored their opponents. I mean think about that one hundred percent of the time! We could not believe it at first, we double and triple checked the statistics and it was true every time they won they outscored the other team. 

Shanahan then led us onto the practice field where instead of players running, passing and defensive plays each member of the team sat at a desk with a small white board. Offensive Coordinator Curtis Modkins would shout out a number like 18 and each team member would quickly write down a higher number. "How do we win?" Curtis would shout followed by the jubilant screams of players with their numbers. Players who chose numbers lower than Curtis' number were put onto the remedial squad.