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Samsung Attempts Rebranding


Let's face it Samsung has had a lot of bad publicity in the past couple years. Some of the highlights were the washing machine recall due to a risk of impact injuries , the Note S7 that was banned by the FAA on any flight due to the risk of explosion, and the corporations heir facing corruption charges. All of this has led Samsung CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon to rethink the company's strategic plan. "There are many great electronics companies out there such as Sony and Panasonic." Dr. Kwon said. "Samsung is just not one of them, we made a solid run at the market and we came up short, now it is time for a shift."

With all the recent headlines focused on Samsung the executive team believes everyone in the world knows the Samsung name and they are proud to introduce several new non-technology divisions that are sure to take that name recognition to the next level. 

Samsung Water: a refreshing new beverage made of dihydrogen monoxide. This colorless odorless drink will leave you both sated and thirsting for more. With 0 calories and all the flavor that can be packed into a flavorless beverage Samsung Water will be the taste on everyone's tongue. 

Samsunderwear: A new under garment line from Samsung. With a variety of colors and styles available both men and women will love Samsunderwear. 

Samsung Cares: A non-profit division of Samsung dedicated to providing free legal advice to anyone injured by Samsung products. 

This is just the beginning for the future of Samsung. As new leadership takes over the decimated shattered ruins of the company brought on by corruption and negligence more bright ideas are sure to follow.